All prints are produced by a top rated professional lab with framed prints first mounted onto a firm backing to prevent any warping of the print over time.

Every print comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

A mat is added and individually signed by me then placed under Acrylite (conservation grade, optically pure, and offering UV protection) in a beautiful black wooden frame. Acrylite is superior to glass in every way – it won’t break if dropped, has better optical quality so that prints do not take on a color cast and offers great UV protection to prevent fading. It may scratch with standard glass cleaners and paper towels so simple dusting is preferred.


  • 11×14 mat includes an 8×10 or 8×12 print and final framed size of 14×17
  • 16×20 mat includes an 11×14 or 11×16 print and final framed size of 19×23
  • 20×24 mat includes a 16×20 print and final framed size of 23×27
  • 24×30 mat includes an 18×24 print and final framed size of 27×33
  • 24×36 mat includes an 18×30 print and final framed size of 27×39